woman casting using short audition Short Audition is an Online Data Base and Casting management system, developed especially for production companies and casting agencies for the casting process of reality shows, talent competitions, games shows, documentaries and more.

No more wasting time going over emails and doing paper work! No more using different systems for different shows, from now on the applicants register online by themselves into one data base for all your productions.

Unlike other systems today that are generic data base systems suitable for the general purpose of collecting data and not for the purpose of casting, Short Audition was designed especially to fit the whole casting process, from the registration phase (that includes video) all through the auditions, evaluations etc, until the casting team chooses the people that will be on the show. further more the system is built to be used after the casting is over so you can reuse the data base for other shows and share the data.

Short Audition
Short Audition is an efficient User friendly "all in one" solution, that is used for small and large productions, from 50 to 20,000 people applying to be on the show.

The software has been used in international known formats such as "The Voice", "Big Brother", "Master Chef", "X-factor", "The biggest loser", "The bachelor","Got Talent", "Idol" and more.

"Brilliant system"
The voice team

"I don’t know how we managed without it!"
The big brother team

Short Audition will save hundreds of man hours per month, as well as office supply, office phone bill, temporary employees and more.

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